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Why some People have all the Luck and some People never Catch a Break

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"Why some People have all the Luck and some People never Catch a Break"
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Why is that some people have all the luck, and some people can't seem to get anywhere fast? Why do bad things always happen to good people, and why is it that some who work so hard can't seem to get anything to go well for them. What is it about life that makes it seem like some force is out to get us, and that we might just be better off giving up?

I had a co-worker of mine who just won a huge amount of money on a scratch-off game. While the kid has had a hard life, why should he get that money when I work myself pretty hard everyday, and have little to show for it? What is so special about his life that he was blessed with that money? However, I don't want to sound bitter, so I think I will chalk up to maybe karma helping him out for once?

However, why is it that some people seem to have all the luck? Is it karma? I don't know if I believe in karma per se, but I do think that something that is out of our control is making sure that we all end up with what we deserve. The things that we do probably don't necessarily effect our future, but they probably provide the balance that ultimately will have to be restored.

I'll say it like this, I don't think that anything you do or so necessarily will make your life turn out any different later on. What I mean is that if I say something badly toward you now, it doesn't mean I won't get a job later on in life. What I do think is that for every negative, there is a positive, and for every positive, there is a negative. However that plays out is random, but it will balance out in the end.

It is totally possible that things happen to people for no reason, and that life is just really a series of random events that just happen for no good reason. Maybe that thing we do today has no bearing on what happens tomorrow. Maybe lying to your mom really won't come back to haunt you unless she finds out. Maybe robbing that bank doesn't hurt you unless you get caught. Who knows?

Some people are just lucky because they are lucky, and some people are just unlucky. Is it because of karma, or because that is just the way it is? If I were God I could give you the correct answer, but I am just a man with some theories, and some observations. Hopefully you can make some sense of it all.

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