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What you should Include in a Handwritten Receipt

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"What you should Include in a Handwritten Receipt"
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In many businesses, a lot of people make handwritten receipts instead of electronic ones.  When creating such a receipt, there are certain components that you will want to include in order to ensure that both you and the payee are protected.  The following are some of these items.

Description of the product and/or service included

You will want to make sure that the service or product that is being paid for is very clearly spelled out.  You should place in as complete a description as you can.  You may want to also include details such as the color, size, amount, model number, etc (as applicable).  For instance, if you have an article of clothing, you could write in the description “Handwritten dress, blue, size small.”  By placing in a full description, the person will see that they have gotten the right product and it will be very clear if there was a discrepancy.

The full amount of money paid (itemized if applicable)

In a receipt, you will want to be sure to list exactly what was paid, broken down if necessary.  You will want a full accounting of any money that exchanged hands so that no one can claim a different amount.  If there is just one amount for a product or service, then put that.  If the money is for different things, then explain that, and be sure to give a full description for each item.  For instance, if you are a professional photographer and you have been paid for both your time as well as the actual photographs, then the receipt could say “Photography session time $200, Photograph editing $50, Photographs $100.”  You can then go even further and break the photographs into the exact size and amount they received.  You can also include items such as tax.  Again, the more detailed you are, the less chance that someone can claim that there was a problem. 

The date

You will want to make sure that you place the exact date on the receipt.  You may want to include the time as well.

The name of the people/company conducting the transaction

You should include the company or businessperson’s name.  If you’d like, you can include the customer’s name as well.

Method of payment

You might also want to include how the person paid.  Be careful about putting in detailed credit card information, however, because you do not want to take a chance that the information gets compromised.

When you finish the receipt, you may want to go over it with the customer so that you can both agree it is right.  Some people will then add signatures to it.  By being meticulous, you will lower your chances of a problem later.

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