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Unusual Washington State Facts

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Washington State Facts

There is a state in the far northwest corner of the United States of America that some fail to realize exist and know little about the state. Some even pronounce it as Wrashington rather than the last name of the First United States President.

Unusual Natural Characteristics

When you hear of the state most will say they do not like rain. The largest potion of land in the state of Washington does not experience a high rate of rain. Rain is high in the Western portion of the State of Washington. The state flower is the rhododendron but the flower will not grow in the majority of the state without irrigation. It requires a large amount of water. Since Seattle sits in this portion of the state, most people assume the whole state has this characteristic. There is a high range of mountains called the Cascades. East of these mountains the weather changes to a drier climate.

Near the Columbia River and the base of the Cascade Mountains near a small town of Vantage Washington there is Petrified Forest. Tourist can see trees stand as rocks rather than trees. Many wonder how the tree developed, but the mountains near by may help to explain the case. The Cascade Mountains are made of a series of semi-dormant volcanoes. Most know of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens years ago, but the one of the largest mountains in the United States, scientists record Mt. Rainier as a dormant volcano on a daily basis.

Unusual Industry in the State

The prime wheat farming area in the world is Northeast portion of the State of Washington and runs into the Northwest portion of Idaho. This is the land given by the federal government to the Nez Perce Indian tribe after relocation to the area. The land produces more wheat per acre than any other area in the world. The Appaloosa horse was breed by the Indian tribe in this area.

The Federal government built a town in Richland Washington to support the Manhattan Project. Overnight a town grew up to house the employees needed to create fuel for one of the Atomic bombs. The Richland High School mascot is the bombers. There logo is an R sitting over a mushroom cloud. This later became a major supplier of nuclear fuel. With this industry, the education level of the population of the State of Washington appears upper level but not the only one. Microsoft makes Washington State home as well.

Washington State is an unusual state and offers unusual natural characteristics and prompted unusual industry. Weather, history and business have shaped the state.

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