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Top 10 Supernatural Romance Novels

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"Top 10 Supernatural Romance Novels"
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Like any list of favorites or "the best of," it is difficult to select just a few books. However, there are several supernatural (or paranormal/fantasy) romance novels that romance readers, and readers of other genres, will enjoy.

1. "Outlander" by Diana Galbadon: The premise behind this story seems a little farfetched at first, but Galbadon weaves a story that compels even the most skeptical readers to turn the next page. Claire is an English nurse during WWII who, after the war, travels to a small Scottish town and accidentally becomes involved in a situation that ends up with her stepping though some mystical stones. With that seemingly innocuous action, she travels back in time prior to the battle of Culloden. Once there, she meets Jaime, one of the Scottish rebels trying to gain Scottish independence. This quest for independence leads Claire and Jamie through war, intrigue, love, and sacrifice. For many many years, this book was considered a "romance" by book stores, but readers of many genres and both genders have enjoyed Claire and Jamie's story.

2. The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop: The first book of this trilogy, "Daughter of the Blood," introduces readers to Jaenelle and Daemon. Like fantasy novels, this is a "world builder" where the first book introduces the characters and the land in which the story is told. This story is set in a matriarchal society where young Witches are trained to use their powers, but those powers aren't secure until the woman looses her virginity. Janelle is a mysterious young Witch child when she is first introduced to Daemon, who is an immortal who is enslaved to the most powerful Witch in the land.

3. "The Fairy Godmother" by Mercedes Lackey: Written from the point of view of a "Cinderella" whose prince never arrived, Elena's life takes a turn when she discovers she has been chosen to be the next "godmother" for her kingdom. As she learns magic and the rules of being a godmother, she learns how to tweak fairy tales traditional stories and hopes to gain a prince for herself.

4. "Night Play" by Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of the best of the Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. Bride is a nice normal woman (including dress size!) who has just been dumped by her boyfriend. When she meets Vane, a lone wolf - literally- she is surprised at his interest in her. Unfortunately, Bride doesn't know that Vane is a were (as in wolf) who is on the outs with his clan. This is a fun, romantic book that is a great introduction to Kenyon's series. If you like this book, you may also like J.R. Ward's books.

5. "Lover Eternal" by J. R. Ward: The first book of the Blackdagger Brotherhood is "Dark Lover," but "Lover Eternal" is a much more compelling and interesting story. This vampire series tells the story between a society of vampires (living secretly among humans) and another secret society out to destroy the vampires. To protect the vampire society, a brotherhood of warriors was created. This book tells the story about Rhage, who is cursed to turn into a ferocious dragon whenever he becomes angry. When he falls in love with a human, Mary, his life becomes complicated as he tries to balance his life in the brotherhood and tries to create a life with Mary. In addition to the expected dangers of a vampire warrior, their romance is threatened when a past debilitating illness of Mary's seems to be returning.

6. "Smoke Thief" by Shana Abe: This unusual dragon story is set in regency England and tells the tale of dragon shape shifters. When a mysterious jewel thief begins making free with the jewels of some of London's wealthiest families, the Marquis of Langford suspects this talented thief is not quite human. And he should know because he isn't either. When he discovers the thief is a banished female dragon shifter, romance and intrigue follow.

7. "Tiger Eye" by Majorie M. Liu: In this first book of Liu's Dirk and Steele series, the story of Dele, a psychic, and Hari, a cursed tiger shifter who has been enslaved for centuries. When Dele accidentally acquires Hari, she is drawn into a mix of magic and an old Chinese mob war. Enter Dirk and Steele, a paranormal detective agency. Mixing several genres, this book is a great introduction to one of the many multi-genre books available.

8. "Warprize" by Elizabeth Vaughn: Lara is a healer and the daughter of the king of Xylara. When the kingdom is invaded by the Firelander tribe, let by their warlord Kier. When the kingdom surrenders to the invaders, Lara is taken as a "warprize" due to her ability to heal. Once she is claimed by Keir as a warprize, she must live with the tribe and learn their culture, and also teach them Xylaran culture. Through misunderstanding and intrigue, Lara and Keir's romance flourishes. This book is reminiscent of some medieval historicals, but with the idea of a created land and a little magic tossed in, it is a great romance paranormal.

9. "Grave Sight" by Charlaine Harris: In the first book of Harris's Harper Connelly series, it captures a reader's attention and lays the groundwork for the series. Harper Connelly was struck by lightening as a teenager; since then, she's been able to find dead people and sense what killed them. With this unusual talent, she travels the country with her stepbrother, Tolliver. The two have been very close ever since their parents married when Harper and Tolliver were teenagers. When they are hired to find a missing girl in a small town in the Ozarks, they discover more then just a dead body. A mystery develops and tensions rise. Readers who enjoy authors like Janet Evanovich or the early Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton will be pleased to find this series.

10. "Games of Command" by Linnea Sinclair: In "Games of Command," Sinclair creates a universe where former space mercenary, Tasha, is assigned to work with former nemesis Admiral Branden Kel-Paten. Kel-Paten is a biocybernetic officer whose humanity is hidden behind his feelings for Tasha. But as a political space alliance is threatened, action, adventure, and romance are woven together to create a compelling story.

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