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Short Story Review the Adventure of the three Gables by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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"Short Story Review the Adventure of the three Gables by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle"
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The Adventure of the Three Gables is a Sherlock Holmes mystery Story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was released in 1926 and appears in the Case book of Sherlock Holmes. This story tells of a case in which Holmes must discover why it is that a retired woman has suddenly had someone attempt to buy her home and everything in it after several years of being all but ignored in that place.

Those of us in the modern world are hypersensitive to race in many ways. We can be made uncomfortable simply by pointing out that someone is of a certain race or describing the stereotypical appearance of people of that race, even though stereotypes of appearance are the only ones that really have any truth in reality. That is the case with this story as one of the main characters is a black man, and while he is a common criminal nearly every Sherlock Holmes story has some common criminal and they are never spoken of all that well so it is, I suspect mostly because he is black that it makes me so uncomfortable and in some ways that is as bad as other ways of looking at race.

This story begins with a black man rushing into B Baker street to threaten Holmes. This is a large man, but played largely as comic relief and while Watson prepares to fight this man Holmes simply tells him that he knows of a crime that he was at least implicated in. The fact that the man has ordered him to stay away convinces him that he must investigate.

The case from here on seems a bit strange. The woman who owns the three Gables has had an offer made on her house, which is 500 pounds more than was paid for it. But the person who wants it also wants everything in it. This makes it clear to Holmes that the person wants something that is in the house and the only thing new in the house are the possessions of the woman’s who has recently died.

This leads to a reasonably straight line to what has happened and yet there is one point in which Holmes has a weakness it is women and in this you see that as he lets her get away with something I suspect he would have turned a man in for doing.

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