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Short Story Review Rain Rain go away by Isaac Asimov

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"Short Story Review Rain Rain go away by Isaac Asimov"
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I think all Americans dream of, at least in some fashion the suburban life. Living in a nice neighborhood with well trimmed yards and white picket fences where everyone one is normal and the world moves at a slower pace. Perhaps it is that normalcy and near universal desire that makes it into such a powerful medium for science fiction stories. By placing a story in that place it makes it feel even more dramatic when something odd goes on and even small things become big.

"Rain, Rain, Go away" is far closer to fantasy than the typical Isaac Asimov story. There is not a great deal of science in it at all, instead there is a great deal of interesting character development and a considerable amount of humor.

The story's main character is a wife and mother in suburbia who has become interested in one of her neighbors who is just a little odd. The thing that has struck her as being so odd is that they are terrified of rain. When there is even a single cloud in the sky the woman bring her son inside out of the yard, but other than that they seem normal enough people.

The woman eventually decides that she should make friends with them and so she begins to talk to the woman discovering what she already knew, that this is a friendly and normal woman and yet the oddness of the fear continues as they take their neighbors on a picnic.

Before the picnic the family checks the weather report several times and the boy brings a barometer with him so he can monitor it. And then as the day is beginning to wind down clouds begin to roll in.

The neighbors insist on leaving to go home immediately and they do but not as fast as they might of and by the time that they reach their houses it looks as if it is about to rain. And then as the neighbors are running inside it begins to rain.

I am not certain if the neighbors in this story are supposed to represent an alien or some strange species, though I suspect that it isn't important. The real point of this story is its humor and while this is not a laugh out loud story it is worthy of reading as an experience and something that is generally amusing and very well written.

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