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I joined in the early Spring of 2006 and have never regretted it. I was new to the world of on-line writing then, and had taken an on-line writing course. My Instructor gave us all her link to helium, and it was on here from a fellow helumnite, that I first heard of the site that will pay you to write product and service reviews.

A lady I was posting back and forth to in the early days of helium's forums, suggested I might like reviewstream. She herself had been paid there several times, and while she told me it wasn't the fastest way to make money on-line, I would gain some much needed writing experience. I went to the site and read the rules, including the one about not being able to have multiple accounts, and that all published material must be original and not published any where else.

This done, I wondered what I would review. Luckily the front page of reviewstream's website has a column showing things that people have recently searched for. These can include anything from new books on the market, to health products, and vacation resorts. Immediately I saw that one search was for a beauty product which I had purchased and set to write a review about it.

My first couple of reviews were not of the highest grammatical structure, but I did use the spellcheck! I got paid for some bulk reviews (the lower price of what they paid then was .40cents). I also got one review on a restaurant returned to me, saying it wasn't 'specific' enough. That was when I began reading the reviews of other seasoned reviewers to see just how they did it.

After awhile I developed my own formula for writing reviews on reviewstream; I make sure that the title of anything I review, actually reflects what I go on to talk about. I give the price of anything I review, whether or not I liked it, what prompted me to buy it, and any special features it may have. I also describe any packaging and the outward appearance of any product, to give the reader a more informed opinion about whether or not they should buy anything. I always make sure that any reviews I write are from my perspective.

I still occasionally get the bulk rate, which is now fifty cents, but more often than not I get the full rate of $2.50, and I have made $15.00 in 45 minutes from just six, well written reviews. Now, anytime I buy anything, when I get it home I make a few notes on the product or service I've experienced and keep it in a file marked 'reviews for reviewstream'. I don't write reviews every day, and sometimes I put through one, and sometimes ten if I'm between other products.

I feel lucky to be part of the reviewstream community; I've learned a lot about tightening my writing, being specific and about writing reviews. And while this site hasn't made me rich, I have made over $1500, without ever leaving my house. Works for me! My experience with reviewstream has been nothing but positive.

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