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Plot Summary the People of Sparks by Jeanne Duprau

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The People of Sparks is the sequel to Jeanne Duprau's first novel, The City of Ember. The City of Ember was about a young girl named Lina living underground in a Man-Made Facility where generations of people had grown up. No one understood where they were, nor did they understand why they were there. Due to the depleting stock of food, supplies, and power that will soon go out due to lack of fuel and equipment, Lina starts searching for answers to the unknown. Lina soon discovers many things about Ember, and discovers a way out of the town back to the surface just in time to save the people from certain doom.

This is where The People of Sparks picks up the story. The Emberites, a total of about 400 people, wonder through this new strange world for several days before they come upon a city. The town is called the City of Sparks. Lina discovers that the reason she and the others were underground is that there was a so called "Disaster" that went on many, many years before that led a group of people building the facility underground to save humankind. Much to their amazement, there are people who managed to survive this horrible disaster, and are living with even less on the surface than Lina and the people of Ember had.

The world lacks electricity, or the know how to build it. The people from underground find it hard to adapt to all of the aboveground things they never had seen or known about before. For the first time, they are seeing sunlight, nature, and other new things they never even dreamed of. Fire used to be something that was feared, and was never allowed underground for fear of the whole city going up in flames. Now it is something that they have to depend on for food, heat, and lighting, as well as numerous other things.

At first, the City of Sparks wants to help the people of Ember, but soon start feeling that to care for this new group of people, they are using their own supplies which are limited. The disaster was horrific, and many things were lost. Very few survived, but managed to build up what they could. Both groups soon start to turn against each other when a young man named Tick Hassler decides to spread ill mannered rumors through each group, setting them up to fight each other. This gain's Tick much attention, which is what he had set out to do in the first place.

The people of Sparks start believing that the story the Emberites told was all made up and that the people of Ember are not really from underground but rather just trying to get free supplies and a place to live. Both groups start many verbal attacks on each other, and threaten physical ones.

Lina decides to leave the city of sparks bound for an ancient city of which she has dreamt of most of her life. Upon arriving in the city however, she discovers what the disaster was; a war that ensued generations ago that almost wiped out humankind. During and following the war, disease, lack of medicine, and lack of food killed off even more, and the world has just gotten to a point to rebuild. But with the lack of know how, they are left to wonder if they will ever be able to rebuild.

Lina, saddened by her lost city, returns to sparks. Verbal attacks going between both groups become more and more volatile, and a physical attack is almost ensued by the Emberites.

Soon, both groups of people decide to stop their feuding when Lina's best friend Doon saves the life of a child of Sparks, and despite their own personal fears of fire, the Emberites save a building that has caught fire. They soon learn that Tick had started the feud, and the Emberites realize that Sparks hadn't even tried attacking the people of Ember, as Tick had previously suggested. The two towns reconcile, and decide to work together, putting the expertise of both cities collectively to start rebuilding. The book ends when Doon is able to make a light bulb glow from a small generator Lina gave him as a gift. This is the first electricity the City of sparks has ever seen, and gives new hope to its people, and the whole world.

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