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Mystery in Alaska the Strange Disappearance of 24 People from a Small Town

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"Mystery in Alaska the Strange Disappearance of 24 People from a Small Town"
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It was in the years between 1960 and 2005 that mysteries took place in Nome, Alaska. Nome is a very small town. During this time is when many disappearances and deaths took place. The FBI was involved in solving the mystery and they sent homicide detectives to investigate the disappearances. Many of the victims were natives to Nome. This mystery started to take place in 1960, where people began to vanish or die.

Cruel Alaska winters can be very harsh and the FBI pointed to alcohol and the harsh winters combined. Some people think otherwise. Many locals think the ones that vanished were abducted by aliens. Still there are many people who think the disappearances are not linked to aliens. Many families who lived in the area believe the disappearances were caused by a serial killer. Still there is no proof of what happened to these people who disappeared.

A movie was made about the disappearances by a major studio. In the movie, it was displayed a psychologist discovered evidence of alien abduction by interviewing many people who lived in Nome. In 2004, police in Nome were still searching for leads. Many residents of the area became untrusting to police in Nome, because a police offer was on trial for the murder of a village woman.

Many cities in the state of Alaska are called "dry cities" and this means these cities contain no bars or liquor stores. Nome is considered to be a "wet city." There are many bars and liquor stores in the area and that is what lead the FBI to think it was the harsh winters and alcohol consumption. Nome, Alaska was once the most populated city in the whole state.

The facts of the unexplained disappearances are still disputed. Over the past 60 years, the FBI has made many visits to Nome. Nome is the most famous place in the state where it is known that people disappear. Many natives do not travel alone, especially at night. The investigations of the FBI cover a time between 1960 and 2005.

People have all sorts of explanations they believe and some of these explanations include paranormal activity, UFOs, alien abductions and electromagnetic fields. What is your belief as to what happened to these people? The Nome disappearances are still an unsolved mystery today. Will these disappearances ever be solved with concrete evidence or will they remain a mystery forever? Are the investigations still ongoing or are the cases closed? There are still many unanswered questions that people would love to learn the truth.

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