Many Hands Make Light Work

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"Many Hands Make Light Work"
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Many hands make light work is true in many facets of our lives. It is always easier to finish a job when several people pitch in to get it done. It is the concept of teamwork. Most companies boast of how teamwork is the backbone of the company. That is because they have figured out that when you have “many hands” in the job it makes for a much lighter workload for everyone.

You can see this come to light when you try to lift something heavy. If you try to lift it on your own, it isn’t just hard to do, it can cause you a great deal of injury. If you get more people involved in the process, the item becomes far less heavy to the one person who tried to lift it before. The more people involved in lifting the heavy object, the lighter it becomes until it could hardly be called hard work at all.

This philosophy is used in more than just physical work though. When you think as a team instead of one person trying to figure it all out, things become easier. Imagine if just one person had created the internet and only that person did anything to improve it through the years. First of all, it isn’t very likely that we would have even half of what we have to use now. That is because the team of people who have helped the internet grow is vast. One person couldn’t possibly come up with all of these ideas by themselves. Just imagine coming up with all those ideas and then trying to implement them all by yourself. It isn’t likely to go very far. In fact, it takes a whole lot of hands just to make one web page work correctly.

You can do work by yourself. You may even make some progress. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be easier if you had more people involved in it. There are those people that think working alone is much better. They feel that others get in the way and hold them up from anything being accomplished. That is only true if one of the team members is being lazy. If everyone works together, great things can get done in an amazingly short amount of time.

Try this experiment:

Clean the entire house by yourself. Time yourself to see how long it takes to get it done. Did you do everything that you wanted to get done or did you put some things off because you were getting tired of working?

The next time your house needs cleaned, enlist the help of your family. Give everyone equal amounts of duties. Everyone work until the work is finished. How long did it take you this time? I’m sure it took far less time to complete. Did everything get done? It is most likely that more got done with the team than it did with just you doing all the work.

Many hands make light work because it is a group effort. Of course you can get much more done and with greater ease when you have more people working on the project. Just by adding one person to the mix, you have cut your workload in half. Nothing could make more sense than that.


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