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Jerry Lawler for Memphis Mayor

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"Jerry Lawler for Memphis Mayor"
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There are several famous people from the state of Tennessee that includes Al Gore and Bob Harper, however, the one I want to talk about is Jerry Lawler. Being from the Memphis, TN area myself I had the opportunity to watch Lawler's paid programing program. He had some smart and insightful things to say. Those things included some terrific ideas that I don't think a politician would come up with or care to. These days all politicians are out for is to line their greedy pockets with tax payer money.

I was never a huge wrestling fan of Jerry Lawler, but I did enjoy watching him and rooted for him from time to time. The man is a great entertainer and has a way with words when it comes to talking about people, especially when commentating on matches. I believe he can use that talent as well as his status in the Memphis community and around the world to restore Memphis to the great place it is meant to be.

Lately Jerry Lawler has been done wrong by the press in Memphis, he was intentionally left out of televised debates. Personally, I believe he was left out because the other candidates felt he was a threat to their success. He has a lot to offer as mayor and his affiliation with the WWE can help him achieve success, especially when it comes to bringing businesses to Memphis and lowering the drop out rate.

Taxes are another issue, politicians love to raise them and spend the money where it does not need to be spent. There is a lot of waste in all levels of government and the way things are going, no one is going to be able to afford to live in the U.S. unless they are rich. Homelessness is a good example of bad governing, instead of moving jobs out of an area or even overseas, do the opposite. Jobs need to be brought to places so things like unemployment and homelessness do not happen.

Jerry Lawler may not be a politician, but he does know Memphis, TN and overlooking him for no good reason is not a wise thing to do. The youth tend to listen to famous people and if Jerry Lawler can get the superstars of the WWE to help guide young minds in the right direction, that is a big win in itself. None of the wrestlers are out for personal gain and that includes the king himself. All Jerry Lawler is after is a safer Memphis that is thriving in a posititve healthy way.

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