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How to Write a Good Historical Article

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"How to Write a Good Historical Article"
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Writing historical articles is a great way to share knowledge and build a portfolio of evergreen content. There are many people out there searching for well-written historical articles for research purposes or just because they like history. The thing is, historical articles are a dime a dozen on the internet. You have to make yours stand out.

When writing a historical article, it is good to find a slant or perspective that is not overdone or done at all. For example, if you are writing about the American Revolution, try to write about it from a different perspective. You could write about the role of children in the American Revolution era colonies or about little known figures of the time. The point is to try to find something that people have not seen before. This also makes your article more search friendly, as the search terms and keywords will be slightly different from those typically used to search the topic.

Writing about history is a little like retelling a story. However, when you are writing a factual historical article, you have to be sure that you are retelling the story correctly. You should not embellish or add anything for the sake of making you article more interesting. In fact, you should not embellish or add anything for any reason. Readers who are even remotely familiar with the subject material will be able to notice your mistakes and you can be sure that they will not be reading any more of your work in the future.

Speaking of being accurate, a good historical article always uses reliable sources. Get all of your information from reliable sources like historical societies and papers written by creditable historians. In addition, be sure to list these sources at the end of your historical article. This will tell readers that they can trust the facts in your article and that you have done the necessary research.

Take a moment to search the web for historical articles. You will be astounded at how rare a well-researched, factual and unbiased historical article is becoming. People seem to have caught on to the fact that history is evergreen, meaning it will continue to garner a trickle of page views for as long as it is up. Therefore, people post whatever they can on the subject to get those pages without regard for accuracy. If you take a good angle, stick to the facts and cite your sources, your historical articles can stand out among the rest.

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