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What are the benefits for writing for Helium Marketplace?  There are plenty of benefits for a writer to submit their articles on Helium Marketplace.  Exposure, money, simplicity, competition, and experience to name a few of the reasons to freelance write for Helium Marketplace. The Marketplace is a fantastic tool to use through Helium to select articles that are in demand by publishers. 

What kind of Exposure?  Helium Marketplace reaches millions of online readers, that is a lot of exposure!  The Marketplace is a tool for articles that are in demand by Editor’s and Publishers.  The articles are published and receive exposure for publishers, editors, peers, and online readers and are a great basis for a following and repeat work. Exposure is very important to a freelance writer!

Is the Money different in the Marketplace?  Yes, the article that is selected has a prior agreed sum amount for that article. It pays more than the click-online counter.  The Marketplace articles that are not selected are published online by Helium and paid a lower amount by Helium online reader’s click counter.  The advantage is the article gets paid for efforts and still gets exposure, even if it is not the winning article.

How does simplicity play a part in this?  The article gets online exposure.  The money is collected through Helium and is put in an account for the writer, who can transfer to their account after once the minimum amount is reached, it’s a very simple process.  Another example of the simplicity is the fact that there are no stamps or mailing involved, which saves time and avoids the concerns of it getting lost through the mail and therefore missing the deadline etc.  Using the Marketplace saves the writer valuable time and eliminates the time for researching marketing demands!

How can competition be used as a positive tool for a writer?  If an author’s article wins of course that speaks for itself.  A writer can use a competition as positive tool to see what other writers have written, the research links and references used and the voice used in the top articles.  That gives any writer with Helium quick access to what an editor or publisher may be looking for with that company.

How can experience be an advantage to a writer?  To any writer whether new, part-time or fulltime freelance writer experience is everything!  The more experience a writer endures, the more exposure and money.  The Helium Marketplace is a useful tool for competitions, contests and various writing avenues to simplify the freelance experience!

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