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Harry Potters Effect on Society

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"Harry Potters Effect on Society"
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The effect of the Harry Potter series, and the impact that J.K. Rowling has had on the lives of children and adults alike in the world can be seen already. As with all major successes of a series, there has been an almost cult gathering for the Harry Potter series. Children beg their parent for that new book in the series, teens go out together to watch the franchise's movies, and adults read the stories at late night, where before they would have watched the tele. The immediate effects of the Harry Potter books is profound, as it got children back into the hobby of reading, and this generation not only started to read Harry Potter, but instead developed a thirst for books, and so between the releases of the seven books children started to buy and read other books as well to satisfy their need for reading that had just developed. And the snowball effect of this is that now there are more and more aspiring writers, children who have grown into teens, teens into adults, since the first book was published. So now we see a better and better quality of writing, both on and off the internet, as people try their best to invoke the feelings that J.K. Rowling invoked in them.

Also, as with all major successes, the Harry Potter series has spurned on many different activities. Many people now play "quidditch", on terra firma and have actually made win-able tournaments out of the sport. Many games have been created, and the name of the series has become widespread. Society is mesmerised by the way seven books have changed aspects of the world since 1997, i.e. since the first book was published. Another way these series have had an impact on society is to give them hope, hope not only from the story of Harry Potter, but hope from the story of J.K. Rowling. We learnt of her success story, of how a stroke of inspiration elevated her from being a struggling mother, to a successful, maybe even legendary writer.

But the effects of Harry Potter haven't all been positive. Since it was such a success, it distracts the younger generation from other things, as it allows them to escape into a world of infinite imagination. This might be one of the reasons that the Catholic Church might not be in immediate favour of the books. All we do know is that the effects these seven books have had on society will be remembered for years and decades to come.

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