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Famous Ancient Ruins in South America and Central America

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"Famous Ancient Ruins in South America and Central America"
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The mysteries and intrigue of Central and South American ancient ruins attract thousands of people from around the world to visit annually. The unmolested natural beauty surrounding many ancient ruins can leave visitors with an experience that the ancient native cultures are still alive and are seemly caught in a time warp. The modern world of the 21st century and its conveniences are not expected in the steamy jungles or thin aired mountains, where many ruins are located and where many modern people venture to answer questions concerning the meaning of their life in the present.

Ancient South and Central America is a vast enigma. Most of the countries south of the , full of ancient ruins, pyramids, and other archaeological sites, that were home to civilizations now extinct. Some of  the cultures dated by science to have flourished  over 50,000 years ago. So which ruins are the most famous - the oldest....the most mysterious.....the largest....the most evil appearing... or the most spiritual feeling place?

South America consists of 12 countries which cover an area exceeding 17,800,000 km2. Many ancient civilizations such as the Inca, Norte Chico, Aztec, Olmecs, Toltecs, Mixtecs, Zapotecs and Mayans have come and gone over the centuries, leaving magnificent ruins that represent the economic heart, creative-soul, socio-political and spiritual dynamics of the cultures that built them. Along the Amazon River jungle, deep within the tropical rainforests, high atop the steep mountains ancient ruins of past people and their civilizations have been found. These once lost worlds are now vacation hot spots that attract thousands of human seekers (or tourists by another name) every year. 

  The most famous ancient ruins in South American that thousands venture  to see include the following:

 PERU - trek to the Lost City of the Incas; Macchu Picchu located high in the Andes Mountains.

 GUATELAMA - the mystical Mayan ruins of Tikal are breath taking because they are surrounded by raw jungle and wild animals.

 HONDURAS -  in the lush western jungles of Honduras the ruins of Copan can be found.

 BOLIVIA - the ancient site of Tiwanaku is found close to the city of La Paz and is a very different ancient civilization site with large stone figures that weigh close to 100 tons. 

 COLUMBIA - Ciudad Perdida, was discovered in 1976 by a plane fly-over. It is hidden away in dense  jungle over growth and can be reached only after a 3 day trek from the city Santa Marta.

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