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Dylan Thomas Poem in October

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"Dylan Thomas Poem in October"
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Dylan thomas penned  `Poem in October` to honour his thirtieth birthday.

The poem is filled with feeling and colour and Thomas goes to great lengths to relay his inner thoughts and feelings.

Read the poem a few times and the pure beauty of his words shine through. The moment Thomas puts pen to paper he is busy weaving an emotive tale for his followers. 

His work is riddled with hidden meaning and it is our job to read and interpret as we think fit. This is my take on a `Poem in October`. 

Dylan Thomas awakes early on the morning of his Autumnal thirtieth birthday.

All around him are still asleep and it seems that Dylan may have mixed feelings about the forthcoming year.

Dylan lays in bed listening intently to the familiar sounds that he he feels are worthy of greater exploration.

 The birds are on the shore and he can hear the wind whistling through the trees in the nearby wood.

The waves are rolling in and the seagulls and rooks are calling to the tune of the small fishing boats bobbing on the swelling sea.

Dylan rises with a sense of determination, the rest of the village may well be asleep but he feels a need to go out and explore.

In verse two Dylan begins by recalling how his special day began, he awoke to the sound of water and the day begins as it means to go on.

Dylan finds himself walking through the countryside caught in the middle a heavy Autumn shower but at this point he appears to be finding contentment in his state if solitude.

As Dylan reaches the top of the hill the chill wind and the Autumn shower are left behind and he finds himself enjoying some October sunshine. The top of the hill is alive with the sound of birdsong.

Dylan stands on the breast of the hill to admire the view. Through the sea mist he can pick out the shape of the castle and the spire on the small church below though they look dreary in the misty light.

He laughs to himself as he recalls all of the tall tales that went on in Summer just past, when each and every gardener tried to outdo each other.

Dylan is drinking in the beauty as the weather decides to change yet again. Overhead the sky boasts a beautiful rainbow and as Dylan turns to face that rainbow he is suddenly transported back to the days of his childhood. Those precious days when he walked through sunny fields hand in hand with his Mother.

Today he walks through those fields as a man not a boy. Inside he still feels like a boy but he is a young man who is at that point mourning for his lost youth.

Yet again Dylan turns, he looks down the the town that is covered with Autumn leaves and wishes with all of his heart that he will be able to return to the top of that hill on his next birthday.

Thomas puts so much colour into `Poem in October`. The syllabic metre has been used artistically.

As you read through the poem for the first time you realise that you must pay attention, if you read the poem as it stands then the beauty of the verse would be lost.

Thomas knows this and he wants you to linger over his beautiful poetry. If he has spent many hours composing it then he wants you to read it carefully and grasp what he is trying to tell you.

Thomas is an artist, his paintbox his words and his palette his paper. He paints the scene and you will make of it what you will.

`Poem in October` is filled with self expression, Thomas works his way through the poem depicting many different scenes and displaying varying emotions.

His birthday begins on a high and he remains upbeat until he recalls his childhood. Then and only then does he feel that dramatic sense of loss, his childhood is firmly in the past.

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