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Dave Barry Driving while Stupid

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"Dave Barry Driving while Stupid"
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“This was I-95 in downtown Miami, proud home of some of the worst darned drivers in the world.” In this hilarious article written by Dave Barry in 2002, you will learn that driving is something not to be taken lightly. Dave Barry’s article, “Driving while stupid”, is a high level comedy that uses anecdotes, sarcasm, and hyperbole to convey the fact that drivers should pay more attention to the road, and less to other crazy activities.

The level of comedy that Dave Barry used in his article is high. By using hyperbole and sarcasm, Dave Barry evokes more chuckles and smirks than riots of laughter. This is a characteristic of high comedy. Hyperbole and sarcasm also fulfill another requirement of high level comedy - the fact that high level humor requires thought before people see it as funny. As it takes thought to understand hyperbole or sarcasm, unlike seeing someone fall, hyperbole and sarcasm fall under the category of high level comedy.

The first element of humor, hyperbole, is commonly found throughout this article. Hyperboles are used throughout this article to put emphasis on different things. For example, when Dave Barry says, “I am sure that the drivers in your city are all homicidal morons,” he is pointing out the fact that bad drivers are common all over the world. By using hyperboles, Dave Barry communicates the point that drivers are not driving as safely as they should.

The second element of humor Dave Barry uses in his article is anecdotes. Most of this article is made up of anecdotes. Dave Barry uses his anecdotes to not only give us some examples of bad drivers, but also give us a glimmer of the truth - people today drive a bit too recklessly. All of Dave Barry’s anecdotes were about his personal experiences and were generally hyperboles in themselves.

The next element of humor found in this article is sarcasm. In this article, sarcasm is used in a similar way to hyperbole. Sarcasm probably the funniest element of humor found in this article. The sarcasm found in this article is used to point out truths about human behavior. For example, after saying “I realize some of you are saying: `Oh yeah? If you want to see REALLY bad drivers, you should come to MY city!’'' he says “Listen, I understand that this is a point of civic honor,” to show the point that people sometimes brag about things that aren’t good.

There is also a one liner at the end of the article. This is the only one-liner found in this article, but it is high comedy.

Dave Barry’s article, “Driving while stupid”, is a high level comedy using sarcasm, hyperboles, and anecdotes to convey the point that drivers are not being as careful as they should on the road.

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