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Create a French Immersion Environment by yourself

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"Create a French Immersion Environment by yourself"
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When someone begins to learn French, most of them can be scared and confused by the complicated French grammar and its bizarre pronunciation. In fact, there are some tips to help you have more motivation and discover lots of fun in learning French.


Tip No.1 - Speaking French is simple. You just have to make the people understand you.

Most of people think French is a very hard language to learn, due to its complex tense and conjugation. It's true that the composition and pronunciation of each French verb could vary under different circumstances.

However, according to the French speakers, 80% of their daily conversation only happens in two tenses: Passe compose (compound past) and Indicatif Present (indicative present). So as soon as you have learned these two tenses, you should be confident enough to express yourself in French.

You might be shy to open you mouth, because you worry you might make some mistakes in French. However, REMEMBER that: language is just a tool for communication. As long as you can use it to communicate effectively with the people, you don't have to worry too much about your grammar or pronunciation. Sometimes you can even use some body language and gestures to help the French-speaking people understand you better. It's kind of fun to use a new language to communicate with others.


Tip No.2 - Create your French blog and update your blog every day.

As soon as you start to learn French, you should create your own French blog. As we know, in order to speak a foreign language well, we should also practice our brain to think in this language. Writing a French blog is exactly an effective way to practice your brain to think in French.

And you can invite your French teachers, your French-learning buddy and some French-speaking friends to visit your blog. They might make some French comments on your blog and correct some grammar mistakes you make in your blog.

When you write your blog, you can use the online dictionary can save your time and allows you to focus more on expressing your ideas.


Tip No.3 - Create a French immersion environment by yourself.

Don't forget that our young children never try hard to learn any language. They learn the languages just because they are surrounded by these languages every day, no matter when they are playing, eating or sleeping. Obviously, in order to learn French, we should create a French immersion environment for aspiring our eyes, ears and brain.

Each French learner must have some French cassettes at home. So please press the PLAY button of your cassette player as soon as you wake up in the morning. No matter while you are brushing your teeth or you are enjoying your breakfast, leave the French voice on, let your ears immerse into the French world since the moment you open your eyes.

If you love to listen to your iPod on the way to work, you might upload some French songs or French news into your iPod; if you use a computer, please consider installing your Window system in French version and reading some French website online.

Tip No.4 - Search native French speakers to chat online.

Thanks to the advanced computer and network technology, now we have a lot of accesses to chat with people around world, while we are sitting comfortably at home. Skype is free online chatting software. You just have to download it and install it on your computer. They offer a search engine which allows you to search for some native French speaker to chat with you. With your earphone and microphone, you can even make audio chat with the French speakers. Chatting with native French speaker is best way to improve your French vocabulary and pronunciation.

Tip No.5 - Keep contact with all the people who can communicate with you in French, even if they are not native French speakers.

As we mentioned above, you might keep contact with your French teachers, your French-learning buddy and some native French speakers. This intends to continuously stimulate your brain to communicate with the people in French. When you always write or speak to your friends in French, you would love to increase vocabulary and learn more sentence structures to express your ideas.


Tip No.6 -Participate in the online French translation and writing contests.

Sometimes, some websites organize some French translation and writing contests to attract more website visitors. You may participle in these contests to get more French experience. We know, at the beginning, it's difficult to win some price, but normally at the end of each contest, the translation or writing work of the winners shall be published online. Then you can compare their work to yours as to learn from the winners. And the competition of the contests might stimulate you to work even harder on French.

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