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A conversational writing style is not the writing style that your English teacher teaches you in school. It is not appropriate for writing school essays or academic thesis.

This type of writing style is predominant on the internet. Many webmasters use it when writing web content. And for good reasons too. A conversational writing style is more casual and therefore makes the content easy to read.

Characteristics of a conversational writing style

1. Contractions

Articles using a conversational writing style uses contractions liberally. Writers use "it's" instead of "it is" and "don't" instead of "do not". Contractions make reading easy and also help if you have a word limit.

2. Very personal

The use of "I" and "you" in this type of writing style makes the articles very personal. Readers will feel that the writer is talking to him personally. And the writer becomes like a friend to the reader.

3. Ask questions regularly

Questions are posed to readers at regular intervals. For example, in an article about how to spend money wisely, the writer might ask the question : Do you find that you always run of money before the end of the month?

And then the writer would proceed to answer the question and therefore present a solution to the problem that the reader may be facing.

By asking questions, the writer is seen as someone who understands the problems facing the reader and therefore is engaging the reader in a "virtual conversation".

4. Use very simple and common words

Why use "foliage" when you mean the leaves in the trees? Why use "pertinacious" when you can use the word "stubborn" instead?

Big words turn people off. It's quite annoying reading articles when every now and again you need to look up the meanings of difficult words in the dictionary.

A conversational writing style wouldn't be guilty of this. Writers using this style would use simple and common words.

5. Humor

It's good if you have a sense of humor. You can inject that into your articles and make your articles entertaining and therefore easy to read.

But if you aren't able to introduce humor into your articles, don't do it. You might offend some readers as you may not know what is acceptable humor to your readers.

Writing in a conversational style doesn't imply being sloppy. You must still follow acceptable grammatical rules and spelling. It only means that you have to write in a clear and concise manner so that your articles are easily understood.

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