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Can Writing Reduce Anger and Frustration

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"Can Writing Reduce Anger and Frustration"
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Anger management and writing, does it work? Stress relief, therapy and lots of tension filled paper can be therapeutic in a number of ways, but does it reduce my anger? Not really. Reducing anger isn't a solution to a problem but a way to ignore the deeper issues. Does it help with my creative process? Yes, absolutely it does and can be a contributing factor to problem solving.

For me and not speaking for anyone else, emotion is the backbone of my creative writing process whether it be anger, resentment, or an absolutely care free day. My senses are filled with sights, sounds and emotions needing to be explored in-depth. Doing this helps in regaining focus, redefining unresolved emotions and possibly changing a previously unchangeable, irrational idea or opinion.

Looking at both sides of any given situation can help to clear up an otherwise hopeless disagreement. But for me, it will definitely bring about an awesome piece of work. My writing not only needs but thrives on the most mundane, every day occurrences throwing in a bit of anger for spice.

Learning to accept anger and all that comes with it is an essential part of growth and healing just as writing is therapeutically sound advice. Writing can greatly reduce stress depending upon ones outlook. Never having had much success in managing anger via pen and paper, I can only offer a bit of humble advice on how to manage that angry energy to greatly increase your writing ability.

Anger is just another outlet for me and my hopeless desire to write, write. Letting my creative juices flow and absorbing a single moment in time helps me to evaluate and sometimes even re-think my former, otherwise, out-of-control anger and is only one of the many resourceful emotions a writer might use.

Other writers may use their writing as a tool to over come their anger issues, however, I only use anger as a tool for improvement. When I have accomplished what I set out to do I am no less angry, no less satisfied (satisfaction in my work excluded).

Although I don't use my writing as a technique for controlling frustration, there are times when after exploring and writing from every possible point of view, I discover (hard as it is to admit) I am the culprit and the maker of my own demise and promptly have feelings of regret. My anger was unfounded.

What I have learned over the last several years is how to channel those inner emotions (all of them) and incorporate these feelings of fear, happiness and anger in order to become the best mother, lover, friend and writer I can be. Over-coming angry feelings may seem an impossible feat but learning how to deal with them through writing can ease tension and in the final chapter for some, anger may not only be reduced but can become virtually non-existent.

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