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Ancient Treasure Maps the Copper Dead Sea Scrolls

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"Ancient Treasure Maps the Copper Dead Sea Scrolls"
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We are all fascinated with the idea of treasure maps, and the sort of adventure that would go along with them, but true treasure maps hardly ever turn up, and most are deemed fiction rather then fact. Well as where most treasure maps may be, there is one that has a credible source, and a place in history, the Copper Scroll of Israel. This scroll was found along side the famed Dead Sea scrolls, but much later, and if the clues can be pieced together correctly could lead archeologists to over 160 tons of gold and silver, and countless historical finds.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in Easter Israel in 1934 by explores, who later sold the ancient parchments. The copper scroll was not found until the mid 1950's by archeologist, one of the only scroll found be officials. The scroll was then shipped to Amman and this is where it stays to this day, and is studied by many scientists from around the world.

The scroll has been decoded, but only to a degree. The original scroll has suffered sever corrosion and has presented many problems in the way of attempts to read the full document. Also who ever wrote the inscriptions on the scroll is thought to have been illiterate. The reason behind this may have been because whoever wrote the document never wanted anyone to be able to read the true inscription, however the bases of the text have come to light.

It seems that the scroll portrays a master list of clues and locations all leading to a treasure trove of riches and antiques. The exact text, as far as precise instructions and names of key places and locations still remain somewhat shrouded in a fog, but new technologies and computer innovations, as well as further studies of the scroll in it's original form have brought scholars and researchers closer then ever to unraveling the mysteries surrounding the scroll.

The scroll is thought to give the location of treasures hidden from Romans during the time of Christ. The Roman's were occupying places in Israel, and one such place was the Temple of Solomon. During this time a great treasure, most likely the one mentioned on the scroll, was shipped out of the Temple and distributed among many secret locations, as many as 60 different locations. It was at this time that the scroll was written as a sort of treasure map to lead the people back to their massive treasure.

Interesting facts about the scroll include the fact that it was made out of a very fine copper. The practice of writing had disappeared about 100o years or more before the time of the scroll being written. Copper was being fused with tin in order to make bronze and the art of making and writing on pure copper was not a common practice. This poses the question as to why they made the scroll out of copper instead of on parchment? Also How did the copper scroll end up with the other Dead Sea scrolls?

The mystery of the copper scroll still stands to this day but may be close to being undone. As we analyze the ancient world and come close and closer to finding the true meanings of the locations mentioned finding the truth will come with time. But one man has already pieced together parts of the scroll and actually found something

In 1988 on a June day Dr. Mendle and his team were exploring a cave he had deciphered to be mentioned in the copper scroll. In this cave they found a bottle of holy anointing oil that dated back to the time of Moses. This along with other translations made by Dr. Mendle leads him to believe that other major treasures form the Temple of Solomon could be hidden throughout the lands in and around Israel. Such treasures would include The Arc of the Covenant and even the Tabernacle, which is actually mentioned in the Dr. Mendles translation of the copper scroll

So as time passes teams of archeologists still wait to interoperate and decipher the copper scroll and locate the treasures mentioned. And as time passes we begin to hear more elaborate interpretations and theories surrounding the scroll. One thing is for sure, the mysteries and legends that surround the copper scroll have and will endure the test of time.

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